Recently, Pop-Tarts has been losing market share to their primary target: teens. While iconic, their 14-year old animated “Crazy Good” tv campaign wasn’t reaching teens because they’re too busy watching Youtube. So we overhauled the campaign and instead made a mobile-first, influencer led campaign taking Pop-Tarts back into the hearts of teens everywhere.

To launch Pop -Tarts Splitz, we focused on teen’s need to customize and personalize everything. Director and Instagram creator Jimmy Marble directed Youtube stars Brent Rivera and Alan Stokes to appear in our campaign to show teens what Splitz are and how it’s ok to mess with ‘em.

Director: Jimmy Marble

Production: Ways & Means

Splitz “Mishap” :15 TV

Splitz “Chocolate Sauce” :15 OLV

Splitz “Aquatic” :15 OLV

Splitz “How To” :06 Bumper

Splitz “Six Second Split” :06 Bumper