In the US there's a luxury tax on fur coats, yachts, and tampons. Yeah, tampons. 

A luxury tax implies tampons are nonessential items and actually elevate a woman’s social status.

A tax on women for being women isn’t a luxury, it’s discrimination.


Snapchat Story

A Snapchat story will introduce women to this discriminatory tax and to The Luxury of Womanhood campaign. 



Sharable social content will spread awareness and outrage. The posts will direct women to The Luxury of Womanhood website and petition where they can take action against the luxury tax.


Social Badges

After signing  the Tampon Tax petition, users have the option of sharing Social Badges that will drive others to the petition.


The Luxury of Womanhood website provides more information about the luxury tax on tampons, and leads users to a state-specific petition to repeal the tax.

Art Director: Grace Martin